• Gua Sha Stone
  • Gua Sha Stone
  • Gua Sha Stone
  • Gua Sha Stone


Gua Sha Stone

QAR 170

المقاس 1 Piece
  • نوع البشرة
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Gua Sha Stone has been proven to promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, and reduces swelling.
Rose Quartz is the 'crystal of unconditional love' and self love. The butterfly shape edge provides deeper massage for the face and neck, allowing the tool to reach specific areas of face to enhance blood circulation.

طريقة الاستخدام
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1. After face wash, apply serum on your face and neck.
2. You can use it in your preferred way either in a cool or warm condition. Keep in the fridge for a while before use if you want a cooling massage or you can warm it up with a hot towel if you want a hot massage.
3. Follow the Gua Sha facial guide repeating each stroke 5 to 10 times.
4. Wipe it with a cotton pad soaked in toner or water before and after using, to keep it clean.

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