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Ramadan Box 3

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Ramadan is right around the corner and everybody is busy planning how to adjust their daily schedule and activities during this month of fasting. While you are fasting, your body and skin go through many changes and for this reason you need to take special care of your skin. Skincare in Ramadan is very important to have a fresh look all day long. Our each box Ramadan Box delivers the goods to treat your skin right.

Products Include;

Aster & Bay Night Bloom Bathing Salt: Himalayan pink salt and Hawaiian lava salt are blended with dried petals to create a truly sensorial form of bathing.    

Sanceuticals Bio Active Body Exfoliant: Blended with a combination of stimulating and nourishing ingredients, this gently, yet effective exfoliantar will leave your skin velvety smooth.

Sansceuticals Baobab Body + Hand Repair Cream: A rich and silky cream designed to plump, heal and repair. Making it an excellent choice for treating parched, dry skin.

Senteurs D'Orient Ma’amoul Soap:

Cedar of Lebanon: Cedar of Lebanon has a warm, woody fragrance that promotes restfulness.

Tea Flower: Tea Flower lifts the spirit and senses with its subtle mixture of floral fragrance.

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