If you’re expecting, Congratulations!! A new pregnancy is wonderful and yet can also be a little daunting as you come to terms with the big changes ahead. Your body is doing amazing things right now & you deserve to be pampered. So, refresh your medicine cabinet with skincare products that are clean and effective!

 Here are our all-time favorite beauty products to pregnancy proof your skincare regimen.

 Free From: parabens, petrochemicals, perfumes.

    Products Include;

    Egyptian Magic (2oz): All-purpose, all-natural cream that can be used on face, body, and even hair.

    Sansceuticals Goji Body + Face Cleansing Oil: When massaged onto damp skin, the oil turns milky, leaving skin fresh and silky smooth. This step will help you remove impurities and to prevent clogged pores and acne.

    UMA Absolute Anti-aging Body Oil: You may feel like your skin gets dry and sensitive as it stretches to make room for baby. Give it some extra love with this body oil to help prevent stretch marks.

    Legology Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs: A light, airy, gel-like texture which leaves skin silky, provides instant comfort to heavy, tired legs. Also dissolve aches, pains, and fatigue, and reduce tightness and puffiness due to fluid retention.

    For detailed ingredients visit product pages.

    For detailed how-to-use visit product pages.


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