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Perfectly Pure Soothing Baby Oil

3 oz
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This soothing and strengthening Ayurvedic formula works hard to support your baby’s delicate skin. Gentle doses of rose and sandalwood enrich the baby’s skin with bountiful moisture and provide a sense of calm. Tea tree and geranium deliver rich nutrients, creating beautiful, healthy looking skin that is equipped with strength for adulthood and beyond. Mandarin oil promotes suppleness.

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HoneyHempseed Oil, Avocado Oil, Pomegranate oil, Lavender, Chamomile,

After the baby’s bath, apply oil liberally in gentle circular motion all over the body, including the belly and back. Massage into the skin using long and circular strokes until the oil is absorbed. Can also be applied to the baby’s head and hair. Recommended length of massage is anywhere between 10-30 minutes.