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Normal Skin Box

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Normal skin type has a balanced and healthy-looking skin, you may not be prone to dryness or breakouts but it is important to maintain great skincare habits.

We have designed this box especially for normal skin type that includes 6 full-size products to target your skin need.

      The box includes:

      Blueberry Real Fresh Foam Cleanser: Hypoallergenic foamy lather smoothly cleanses away all impurities, wastes, and makeup without any irritation, leaving the skin smoother and fresher.

      Real Polish Honey & Sugar: Sugar and honey scrub that helps remove all your dead skin while leaving your skin moisturized and recharged.

      Green Tea Seed Skin: Water-based toner is lightweight yet extremely moisturizing, allowing you to apply several layers of toner at once for intensive hydration.

      Real Ferment Micro Essence: Deeply hydrating and brightening essence that contains more than 93% naturally fermented ingredients.

      Green Tea Seed Cream: Creates a moisture barrier over your skin, providing hydration to not only the surface of your skin but also the lower layers beneath.

      Water Gel Extra Force Moisturizing Mask: Highly concentrated essence packed with Korean oak tree sap extract that contains natural minerals and niacinamide to brighten and hydrate skin.

      For detailed ingredients, visit product pages.

      For detailed how-to-use, visit product pages.


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