About Us

Myriad Beauty is a home for a growing market that places importance on skincare and beauty products. The name Myriad was conceived from the specialized focus that we aspire for when it comes to catering to a variety of customers with specific needs.

Pursuing a passion: all of us believe in boosting a self projection of ones self is crucial in going through the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Nurturing ones skin is a very important part of this process. We are four sisters. Our mother has been our primary source of inspiration. As an entrepreneur in the regional fashion scene we have been supporting her in establishing her business where she has nurtured us to endeavor and continuously be proactive by taking initiative.

All four of us deal with different skincare products that cater for our individual requirements, not to mention we’re extremely frustrated at the state of the market with no established beauty and skincare online retailer of quality in place.

As a result we’ve culminated our effort to bring you Myriad Beauty and hope that we can upgrade your experience when it comes to focused online skincare shopping.