• Birth Room and Fabric Spray

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Birth Room and Fabric Spray

QAR 150

المقاس 200ml
التسليم في نفس اليوم على جميع الطلبات قبل الساعة ٤
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This room and fabric spray is made from natural essential oil in a spray bottle, it will instantly bring fragrance to fabric and space.

Blending the most basic materials present on earth. Grass leaves growing in the wind, sunlight, water, and soil. They are common but extraordinary beings.

Top note: Lime, mandarin

Middle note: Basil

Base note: Vetiver, moss, clove

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100% vegetable fermentation alcohol

طريقة الاستخدام
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Spray 1-2 times about 20cm away from desired location. Best when using on bedding, curtain, bathroom, room, or inside the car.

*It may stain silk or other white fabric if used in large amounts.

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